Launch of product to invest in real estate with annual 8-12% profitability in US dollars


We share an article published in about the launch of our investment products which offer 8-12% profitability in US dollars by investing in assets located in Miami, with investor´s ownership.

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A product to invest in real estate with annual 8-12% profitability in US dollars is launched

It is managed by Inmsa LLC, a USA-based company. It involves assets turnover and efficient management processes, Miami being the main destination of the capital.

Inmsa LLC, an American company, launched its investment product backed by real estate assets, whose purpose is to benefit from the opportunities offered by the changes in the cycles of the sector in different cities of the world.

This new investment model based on assets turnover enables to obtain sustainable net profits between 8% and 12% annually in US dollars, quite above the traditional percentage traditionally obtained in the sector, with the support and ownership of assets.

In addition, it gives the investor the opportunity to buy assets under the market value through banks, auctions and by financing real estate developments. This proposal considers the possession of property and the management of funds by the investor.

Under this system, the company administrates investments involving more than u$s 40 million and they expect to gather a maximum of 20 individual investors in the country, in this first stage, with a minimum amount of 1 million of US dollars per investor.


Operating with Inmsa LLC is making investments in real estate actively, unlike the traditional passive investment of the sector. This generates higher profitability with 3% additional benefit, taking into account the appreciation of property, rent and inflation.

In fact, appreciation in property in USA, considering official statistics in the last 100 years, is 0.10% annually; while the general profitability, including appreciation, rent and inflation is about 5.6%. In Argentina, the average appreciation in the last 40 years has been 1%.

This active management process entails, on the one hand, moving to markets and assets which take advantage of the changes produced in markets and submarkets cycles; and on the other hand, it involves an efficient management process which maximizes profitability throughout the value chain of the property considered as a cycle: purchase time, administration and subsequent sale.

The efficient administration of the investment and the professional management make it possible to transform profitability. Thus, a scheme is proposed which is based on the acquisition of assets under the market value through banks, auctions and by financing real estate developments, their efficient administration and improvement of each asset at the lowest cost possible and their subsequent sale at the right moment of the cycle, before prices decline.

For individual investors, investment accounts have been developed which are an efficient tool to professionally manage real estate investments enabling the investor to determine its profile and objectives, plan, structure and control their investments effectively.

They also maximize the benefits of each investment and protect the assets based on the efficient planning and management of legal, accounting, tax, financial and estate aspects.

The investment products allow to access previously identified opportunities and purchase, operate and sell real estate assets through pre-established conditions, in conformity with specific investment purposes. The objective is to create a combination of assets with investor´s ownership, providing asset protection and sustained profits, according to the profile involved.

The benefit of the company depends on the success of the investment and the collection of commissions takes place upon reaching minimum profitability which is estimated around 6%, 10% and 12% for each profile of investor. Once that minimum has been exceeded, Inmsa LCC shares the benefits of that extra part.

Mariano Capellino, Head of Inmsa LLC points out that “we started as a group of families and friends seeking to make real estate investments and, over the years, we’ve became  part of a solid network with the most important financial and real estate players, acting as managers, developers and international brokers”. Then, he added “we understood the cycles of the markets and the benefits of managing every link of the value chain. This helped us consolidate our position as a Real Estate Investments Company”.

Regarding the investor´s profile they are looking for, he expressed that the idea is “to create a group of investors with strong influence in the markets where they operate, we seek to build a long-term trust relationship that goes far beyond any economic cycles and generations”. To this end, they offer sustained profits, safety and operational simplicity. So far, investors´ response has been very good as they are selecting property which may have highest profitability in global markets and they have a strong structure which provides support throughout the operation process.

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