Alternatives to invest in Real Estate


We share an article published in Inmobidiario, where Mariano Capellino, CEO of Inmsa was consulted about the possibilities of investing through our company.

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Alternatives to invest in real estate

After almost 15 operating globally, Inmsa LLC, an American company which provides professional real estate management services, has just launched in our country a new concept in Real Estate investment for individual investors, offering returns, maximum safety and simple operation processes.

The company projects 8% – 12% net annual returns (US dollars) depending on the risk profile involved. These returns are three times the historic average amount in Real Estate investment.

To achieve these returns, Inmsa focuses its attention on four key aspects. First, the company invests only in convenient markets and assets. As indicated by Mariano Capellino, CEO of the company: “the traditional property investment which entails a long term permanence in the same market and in the same type of asset in general does not generate very high returns. It is necessary to understand the right moment to access and exit as well as to migrate from one market to another, taking advantage of the real estate market cycles, in order to generate high and sustained returns in this type of investments”.

Second, Inmsa acquires assets under the market value through auctions, banks and by financing developers. Third, the company provides its investors with efficient asset management services, thus maximizing their benefits while holding the assets and adds maximum value for its subsequent sale process. Finally, Inmsa focuses on selecting the most convenient exit time and strategies for the sale of the asset.

Inmsa also implements a strict risk management policy on the different aspects of the investment, starting with the analysis of the markets and assets, the structuring of the most suitable legal method, tax and succession planning, insurance contracts, among others.

Furthermore, the investor can manage its funds from its own bank account. Its investment is backed by assets, through the ownership thereof (deed issued to the name of its legal structure).

Inmsa also furnishes the investor with an investment account which allows the planning, structuring, management and control of the investment. This tool offers the investor transparency, peace of mind and complete and permanent monitoring of the investment.

In short, this new modality allows the investor to increase its real estate assets faster and it also provides maximum safety protection. In turn, the investment is managed on a simple and structured basis.

Through this system, Inmsa LLC is today administrating USD 40 million and it expects to attract 20 more investors in our country, in this new stage, with a minimum investment amount of USD 1 million.


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